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Fish with Portland Oregon fishing guides and charters year-round for walleye, sturgeon.


Client Feed Back

What clients are saying about our company.

Subject:   Thank you so much!
Name:   Ridena Crompton
Date Posted:   May 6, 2008
Email:   ridenac@yahoo.com 
I Rate This Trip (1-10):   10
Message:   Rick and Kim,
I just wanted to thank you guys for setting us up on our fishing trip.
Our guide was awesome!  What a great fit!

We look forward to doing it again with our kids but I wanted to thank you
and tell you I appreciate it.

We each caught one salmon and one sturgeon and it was so much fun.
This guide deserves more referrals........he is the best!

Thank you,

Dena Crompton



Subject:   Feedback on Recent Guided Trip
Name:   Jamie, John, Josh, Lisa, and Tom (party of five)
Date Posted:   Feb 5, 2007
Email:   jandjp98@wavecable.com
I Rate This Trip (1-10):   10++
Message:   Hi my name is Jamie Patterson. I want to tell you about our sturgeon fishing trip with your guide on January 13, 2007. My friends and I (5) would rate the trip well over a 10. We had so much fun on this trip.  Your guide was the perfect match for our group. We all caught fish, we did not get to keep them all but we can say we caught them.

We went for my husbands birthday and he caught the first fish and it was a keeper. That was the best and we are looking forward to another fishing trip with him again hopefully. thank you for everything.

Thank you,

Jamie, John, Josh, Lisa, and Tom
Port Orchard, and Bremerton, Washington



Subject:   Feedback on Trip
Name:   Rick Kienholz (party of two)
Date Posted:   Oct 20, 2006
Email:   rick@nwya.org
I Rate This Trip (1-10):   10
Message:   I want to thank you for the delightful time we had fishing with your guide on the river last Saturday. Both my son and I really enjoyed the fellowship, the way he treated us and the other fisherman (Scott) who shared the trip with us.

It was all we could have asked for! Catching that HUGE fist was icing on the cake! We are already talking about booking another trip in the spring for Salmon!

My intention for the trip was first and foremost to make a memory with my son and that was fulfilled completely. We have memories that will last a lifetime! Thank you again for the wonderful time!

Rick Kienholz
Spokane, WA



Subject:   We had an absolute blast!
Name:   Mr. Minelle (party of 4)
Date Posted:   Sept 20, 2005
Email:   n/a
I Rate This Trip (1-10):   10 +
Message:   I want to highly, highly recommend your service and the guide you placed us with to any and all of your clients. If they want to catch fish and have a good time this is the way to go. Out of my many years of experience with fishing guides in Oregon your guide was the best. This guide went all out to make sure we caught fish and enjoyed the trip.

Mr. Minelle
Casino owner
Las Vegas, NV



Subject:   Just a quick note to say thank you!
Name:   Heidi Mebes
Date Posted:   Sept 9, 2005
Email:   hmebes@co.stevens.wa.us
I Rate This Trip (1-10):   10
Message:   We had an awesome time Tuna fishing out of Newport, Oregon last Saturday! Caught lots of big tuna (27) and had so much fun.

The captain and crew were great and they knew how to find the fish for us to catch, plus we had a 100% kill rate! The rest of the fishermen were also great to meet. The weather was the best. It could not have been set up any better. We will defiantly use your referral service again for our future fishing trips. The charter was very professional and our boat the was perfect for the 7 of us fishing.

My brother & boy-friend said it was the best birthday gift they could have gotten and a big plus, we came home with over 110 pounds of fresh tuna meat!

Thanks again for your guidance and setting up this trip,

Heidi Mebes
Kettle Falls, WA

P.S. Now I am looking into Sturgeon fishing for our next one…



Subject:   Sturgeon trip Columbia River estuary
Name:   Sohnja Gibson
Date Posted:   May 21, 2005
Email:   sohnjagaz@aol.com
I Rate This Trip (1-10):   10
Message:   "Your guide was one of the best guides we have ever had. He is the most kind and gentle person I have ever met. He treated my 4-year-old son with love and respect and provided us all a fun filled trip.

It's a sure thing that we will be booking with through A & B again.
We had a wonderful time, thanks again for providing such a terrific guide!

Sohnja Gibson
Glendale, AZ



Subject:   Your guide was terrific and the trip was fantastic!
Name:   Vince Pelly Sr.
Date Posted:   November 2, 2004 - 11:05 AM
Email:   n/a
I Rate This Trip (1-10):   10 + 10 + 10

We had a one of the best fishing trips ever with your guide and will be staying in close contact with him and ABPG for all future trips. Now that we have found your service we will no longer waste the time attempting to locate a guide on our own. You guys do a great job and I don't see any reason to look anywhere else.

On our recent drift boat fishing trip on the Wilson River (November 1, 2004) my son and I hooked lots of fish and the guide did all he that could and should to make this trip a truly wonderful experience for us. I am a fisherman, and I am 72 years old. I have fished ever since I was old enough to hold a pole and  I know a good guide when I see one. This guide really bent over backwards for us.

We had a great time and I want to thank ABPG for your courtesy and for treating us the way you did.


Vince Pelly Sr.
Lake Oswego, OR



Subject:   Your guide was first rate, as was his boat and equipment
Name:   Greg Barkley
Date Posted:   November 7, 2004 - 9:03 PM
Email:   barkleygreg@hotmail.com
I Rate This Trip (1-10):   9

Just wanted to get back to you guys about our guided trip. The guide was
first rate as was his boat and equipment. We ended up getting skunked but
that's the way it goes sometimes. I anticipate going out again with this guide on another trip and recommend him highly.

Thanks for the assist.

Greg Barkley
Spokane, Washington

Mr. Barkley:

We are happy that you liked the guide we referred you to, sorry to hear that you did not get any fish though. The majority of our clients have reported high success rates, but a small percentage do occasionally get skunked. I wish there was some way we could fix that so that everyone always caught fish, were still working on that one.

Feel free to contact us for your next trip and we will be happy to see that you go with the same guide. We do not charge any extra fees for this service and look forward to insuring your continued satisfaction. If by chance the same guide is not available you can rest assured we will see that you go with another top guide who is just as good and possibly even better. That's our business and we love doing it. Your continued patronage helps our family business grow and further developed this free service for others like yourself.


Kim Martin
A & B Pro Guides



Subject:   Recommended Charter = Perfect Trip
Name:   Nancy Flores
Date Posted:   September 2, 2004 - 9:23 AM
Email:   nancyflores@freightliner.com 
I Rate This Trip (1-10):   10

Our party of four included: Greg Dellinger (North Carolina), Jim Runbendall (North Carolina), Morgan Montgomery (Oregon) and David Flores (Washington). They each caught 2 salmon (not sure species - Coho or Silvers - black mouths), ranging from 8 to 12 pounds each. (5 at 8 #; 2 at 10# and 1 at 12#)  They fished with one of your recommended Charters on 8/29/04.

One person in our party has been on about 8 other charter trips on the east coast, and said the first mate on this trip was the best he'd ever seen. All in our party were very impressed with the professionalism of the captain, and bragged about what a great job the first mate (his daughter) had done. The weather was sunny, warm and perfect; seas were calm and everyone on the boat  had 2 fish.


Nancy Flores
Freightliner Corporate
Portland, OR


Subject:   " At a Boy!" Guys
Name:   Forrest Newburg
Date Posted:   August 27, 2004 - 9:52 PM
Email:   Newburg4us@aol.com
I Rate This Trip (1-10):   10

Just want to pass along a hearty " At a Boy!" and express my appreciation for the effort and professionalism involved in The Local Fisherman News and A & B Pro Guides. I am a 62 year old Probation Officer from California who turned to A & B Pro Guides , by way of the Internet , and was subsequently referred to an outstanding guide within their organization. I was looking to share a fishing first with my two son's Ben/ 25yrs and Brad / 23 yrs old. by going salmon fishing at the mouth of the Columbia River during mid-August. We had no idea what to expect and depended totally on the guide to introduce us to the world of world class salmon fishing at Buoy 10 and beyond.

I have had the good fortune to have traveled and seen most of the world. Hiking , fishing, skiing, scuba diving, sailing, spear fishing, and white water rafting through the wilderness area of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River and bill filshing in the Sea of Cortez off of Cabo San Lucas. Without any reservation, I would say this guide provided us with a fishing opportunity that was the best. He was professional , knowledgeable, capable with a cheerfulness and kindness of spirit that is rare to find . He had first class equipment from his boat to his rigs and an alertness to every detail effecting our fishing success and our safety. His abilities made all the difference.

The boys and I met him down at Hammonds Landing August 16, at 6:30am . We loaded up and headed out to Buoy 10. My son Ben got the first strike. It was a beauty that ripped off 250 ft of line on him before he could even begin to put the brakes on. and reel him back to the boat. Once netted and brought on board , Ben had caught a shining, 23 lb. beauty of a salmon and "the fishing
was on"....

The guide knew where to take us and we proceeded out to sea. Five miles out to sea, beyond the mouth of the Columbia we began fishing again and the strikes started  hitting hard, bamm... sometimes two at a time. Within a few hours we had seen plenty of action: losing some , having to release others but each of us caught our limit all around 20 pounders.

It was a life long memorable day of salmon fishing that planted a seed that I am sure will bring us back salmon fishing again to Oregon water and another trip with a professional A & B pro guide.

Best of success to A & B Pro Guides and your publication LFN as you reach out to the seasoned fishermen as well as the beginners and encourage them in their pursuit of a quality salmon fishing experience.

Kudos to the guide... keep hooking those Hogs !!..
Forrest Newburg
Bakersfield, California


Subject:   Recent Guided Trip Through A & B Pro Guides
Name:   Doug Faust  [ View photos ]
Date Posted:   June 8, 2004 - 6:46 PM
Email:   douglasfaust@yahoo.com
I Rate This Trip (1-10):   10

Sorry I could not talk earlier today. Here are my thoughts about my recent trip with your recommended guide.

Your guide was a very capable boatsman and handled the North Santiam River very well. Never had a concern due to his skills. He was a good companion and made the day a lot of fun. He knew when to help and when to let things alone. We hooked a 12 pound hatchery steelhead and successfully landed it. Also hooked and released a wild fish.

What a great day in a picturesque setting!
My thanks to the guide and A & B Pro Guides Referral Service.

Doug Faust
Tritt Springs Trace. Marietta, GA


Subject:   Steelhead Drift Fishing Trip Sandy River
Name:   Jim Belesiotis  [View photos]
Date Posted:   February 15, 2004 - 12:31 AM
Email:   Two4roughing2000@msn.com
I Rate This Trip (1-10):   10

Just wanted to thank you for the great trip I had today. Took a buddy and myself out for our first steelheads on the Sandy with the river guide you referred us to. We each got a our first steelheads plus one extra for me and a native we let go. 

The guide was a great guy and made everything perfect. Couldn't have asked for a better day of fishing. I've attached photos of the trip including the native we released and our first steelheads. [View photos]

Thank you... 

Jim Belesiotis
Portland, OR


Subject:   Family fishing trip with A & B Pro Guide,  Wilson River
Name:   Alvin Payne
Date Posted:   November 12, 2003 - 7:30 PM
Email:   rpayne@nwcontainer.com
I Rate This Trip (1-10):   10

We had wonderful time fishing with your guide on the Wilson River for salmon and steelhead November 11, 2003. My kids and wife all caught fish, four in all. The fish weighed from 23 to 31 pounds each. Even thought we opted for a half day trip it was full of action and excitement.

We left the boat launch at around 6:15 am and were back with four nice fish by 10:30 am. The guide was very helpful in showing us how to cast and drift eggs under a bobber, which none of us had ever done before. He also provided us with valuable insight that I'm sure will prove helpful in the future when we fish on our own.

My kids and I learned a lot and it was an experience none of us will ever forget. We really liked the company and professionalism of your guide and would defiantly book a trip through your service again. Likely next spring.

Alvin Payne

Oregon City, OR


Subject:   Fishing trip referral through A & B Pro Guides
Name:   Jaret McDonald
Date Posted:   Oct 20, 03 - 5:55 PM
Email:   n/a  
I Rate This Trip (1-10):   10+
Message:   On our September 26, 2003 trip I found your referral guide to be top notch. Thank you for a great service that you provide and I want to tell you "you were honest and you weren't kidding when you said this guide was one of the best." Our guided trip on the Columbia River for salmon this summer was simply unbelievable.

Thank you for a great service and the great operation you have in helping clients find the best guide to fit their needs." If you ever need a reference don't hesitate to call me. You have a hell of a reference with me.

Jaret McDonald
Los Alamos, New Mexico


Subject:   King salmon driftboat trip on Klickitat
Name:   Patrick Estenes
Date Posted:   August 28, 2003
Email:   patest@earthlink.net
I Rate This Trip (1-10):   10
Message:   Hi, here are a couple of pictures from the trip you referred us to trip on September 19, 2003 with the Klickitat River Guides.

My daughter Cristina Estenes caught a 45 lb. and 19 lb. King Salmon. I had a nice day. Your Klickitat River Guide provided us a great fishing day - at least from Cristina's prospective. But I too enjoyed the action, just wished that my rod would have had some action also.

Patrick Estenes
Vancouver, Washington

It happens every time you take a woman fishing Patrick, she out fishes you. Many veteran anglers have learned this from experience, its like they have special powers or something. Some say its the estrogen that gets on the lures when they touch it, we may never know.  My wife almost always out fishes me. But that's ok, I have more fun seeing her excitement when fighting a fish anyway.

A & B Pro Guides


Subject:   Guide fishing trip referral
Name:   Wane Flood
Date Posted:   Sept, 03 - 5:59 PM
Email:   rmmcisales@aol.com
I Rate This Trip (1-10):   10
Message:   August 28, 2003

What a wonderful fishing trip it was. Our trip on September 27, 2003 with your guide was more than satisfactory and very enjoyable for myself and my three associates.

Thank you for referring us to this guide, we really enjoyed his company and willingness to go the extra mile, and then some. We all caught fish and will gladly tell our friends about ABPG's referral service.

Wane Flood
Fargo, ND


Subject:   Recent trip with ABPG guide
Name:   Scott Brenton, IKON Legal Documents
Date Posted:   Aug 22, 03 - 6:41 PM
Email:   SBrenton@ikon.com
I Rate This Trip (1-10):   10
Message:   Thank you for the referral to ABPG guide. Having recently moved to Portland from Utah I was eager to catch some NW salmon. We went fishing on August 11th just outside of Buoy 10. By the photo's we had a fantastic day (I am on the right).

We caught nearly 25 Coho of which 20% were native fish we released. The fish we kept were in the 15 to 17 pound range. Wow, they were awesome to catch. We also caught a few small Chinook that we released.

I would recommend ABPG guides to anyone who wants to put fish in the boat. Your guide said he would get me my limit of fish and that he did.

Please feel free to use these photo's on your site. I found this guide works very hard and does what he says.

Scott Brenton
Tualatin, Oregon


Subject:   Guided trip to Tillamook Bay
Name:   Margret Wasson
Date Posted:   Oct 14, 02 - 7:37 PM
Email:   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi, My name is Margaret, my sister and I recently fished Tillamook Bay with one of your guides on Thursday October 10. I caught a 42-pound Chinook salmon just out from the Oyster house. It was a great experience. Thank you for recommending this guide...

Sure wish there was something useful we could have done with all the seaweed we caught though.....

Margaret Wasson


Subject:   Guided fishing trip
Name:   David MacLeod
Date Posted:   Aug 24, 02 - 10:33 PM
Email:   the_macleods@msn.com
I Rate This Trip(1-10):   10
Message:   I recently went fishing with one of your pro guides - and it was a fantastic experience! Everyone in our party of 4 caught steelhead. The guide filleted the fish and even told us how to cook it.

He is a knowledgeable guide and was very entertaining. He told great stories and had interesting facts about the beautiful Columbia River Gorge. I will definitely be back!

David MacLeod
Portland, Oregon


Subject:   Guided sturgeon fishing trip
Name:   Frank Garrett
Date Posted:   Jul 23, 02 - 10:29 AM
Email:   fgarrett@bendcable.com
I Rate This Trip (1-10):   (10)+
Message:   I just wanted to thank you for the referral. We had a blast. Not only did we go with the guide for Sturgeon but he also took my whole company out clamming afterwards, and we got our full quota of Razor Clams too. It was a week to remember.

Your referral guide and his wife are now on my list of good friends, just like you guys. I think maybe in October that you and your wife and daughter might just have to join me below Bonneville dam for Sturgeon when they turn the river back on. Stay in touch.

Frank Garrett
Bend, Oregon

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